Sambhupuspanjali: A Critical Edition and Study

Investigator(s): Dr. Deviprasad Mishra
Start date: 2015

The main objective of this project is to bring out critical edition of rare unique and old manuscript for the future scholars. The Śambhupuṣpāñjali is a ritual manual (paddhati) containing the details of the mantras as well as the rituals for the performance of daily worship (nityapūjā) of Lord Śiva. This text is a compilation and it liberally draws from the Kriyāpāda of different Āgama-s like Mohasurottara, Kāmika, Svāyambhuva etc. The portions relating to Sūryapūjā are taken from Kriyākramodyatikā. The structure of this text follows the model of the Somaśambhupaddhati.

I could not find more manuscripts except two available at the French Institute of Pondicherry. It is a very rare text which will be very useful for the people who are doing nityapūjā. The collection of 8500 unique palm leaf manuscripts at the French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP) is recognized by UNESCO as “Memory of the World”.

Materials and methods:

Manuscript Study – Collection of Manuscripts and Collation work have been completed. 

Main (expected) outputs:

Publication of one of the old and important manuscript belonging to the collection.

– Duration: 3 years
– Funding Agency(ies): IFP / EFEO