Indian Magnolias: A conservation lead

Investigator(s): Dr. N. Balachandran
Start date: January 2017

a. Inventories of Magnolia species from the northeast region of India and conservation in the southern region of India.

In India, there are 11 species in the wild, of which four are endemic. Most of them are distributed in the eastern Himalayas and northeast regions of India.  In addition, two species are under cultivation.

b. Taxonomic study and preparing the digital photo library of Indian Magnolia.

The Indian flora is devoid of illustrations, photo plates and digital herbarium of Magnolia species, including the endemic ones. To fill this gap, this fund will be utilised to take photos of key characters for every species from the fresh collections taken during the inventories and will be uploaded in the Indian Biodiversity Portal (IBP).

Materials and methods:
Almost all the species are distributed in the eastern Himalayas and northeast region of India, so this work involves long travels during field surveys in more than 10 States. Collection of fresh voucher samples for taxonomic studies, taking photos of all key characters of each species will help to ease the identification and collection of viable seeds/ seedlings and stem cuttings used for ex-situ conservation.
Main (expected) outputs:
  • Synopsis of Indian Magnolias
  • Upload photos in the Indian Biodiversity Portal (IBP).
External team members:

Dr. K. Ravikumar
Professor & Head of Repository of Plant Medical Resources
Transdisciplinary University C/O FRLHT,
74/2, Jarakabande Kaval, Post Attur via Yelahanka,
Bangalore – 560 064

– Duration: 1 year
– Funding Agency(ies): Magnolia Society International