Axis 3. – Contemporary Tamil studies

This programme aims to contribute in the field of contemporary cultural history of Tamil from late 19th to the 21st century. The results achieved so far are:

  • A unique and constantly updated collection of original documents, (managed by the IFP library)
  • A cluster of local and international research projects on contemporary Tamil, such as Social History of Science and mathematics in the Tamil region creating an open forum for concerned scholars
  • A set of publications as concrete output


So far, more than 3000 books and 1500 journals have been made available to the public. Another batch of more than 2000 books and 1000 journals are being catalogued. For example, rare complete collections of Manikkoti (1933-1939) and Eluttu (1959-1971) are preserved here. Publications on CDROM are being considered.

· Keywords

Manuscripts, Saivism, Grammar, Societ